Iran vet care Co. started its business since 2008 in order to provide the best services and all kinds of pet’s requirements and also to propagate the culture of keeping and supporting pets, taking the advantage of working with one the best veterinary pioneers of Iran.

This company started with Persia Pet care as the first and the biggest pet shop in Iran in order to take primary steps to develop Iran’s veterinary industry. After two years and regarding the increasing demands of customers and pet keepers, it opened the second branch. In line with serving and meeting the costumers’ needs, it expanded its activities to present the best products of the highest quality, and being merged with importer companies, it started its innovative plans to import pets’ supplies, foods and equipment, in a high level which fits the best to Iranian pet keepers and veterinary industry qualifications. During all these years, our company never deviated from its main goal and all plans and programs were based on customers’ satisfaction. Accordingly, all imports are done from the world’s best brands.

Nowadays, considering market growth and development, increase in demands, high knowledge of customers and the tendency towards variety in shopping and also the growing global market for veterinary industry, we decided to increase the number of today’s global bands in our country.

Using our experience in sale and distribution, an expert and professional team and all facilities and requirements to reach our goals, we are looking forward to playing a role in comfort and wellbeing of our lovely little animal friends.

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