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Beaphar has been passionate about pets for more than 70 years. During this time, the company has developed, manufactured and marketed pharmaceuticals, health care products and super-premium complete foods to help improve the lives of all types of pets. The company maintains a high level of quality, as well as an extensive range of products that are offered to pet owners all over the world.


The company takes its name from its founder Bernard Aa, and its core business: Pharmaceuticals. Bernard Aa Pharmaceuticals; together this comprises the name Beaphar. The company was founded in 1943, in a small Dutch town called Raalte. Still a family-owned business, the current Commercial Director, Daan, is Bernard’s grandson.

Core Purpose

The company hopes to assist every pet owner to care for their pets in the best possible way by providing affordable, accessible and understandable pet care products. They enable all pets to live healthy, happy and long lives. Their owners reap the benefits that animal companionship brings because of this!


  • The company believes that pets deserve the very best and to that end Beaphar aims to be the best they can be.
  • 90% of Beaphar employees have pets at home, so can truly relate to the emotional bond created between pet and owner.


  • To provide consumers with products of the highest quality at affordable prices, that improve or enhance the well-being of pets.
  • To achieve this, Beaphar manufactures products of the highest quality, hires employees with passion and ability and ensures that the most stringent standards are continually met.

Superior Quality Promise

Beaphar wants to be sure that its distributors, retailers, pet owners and pets receive health care products that are of the highest possible quality. The company uses only high quality ingredients. Its rigorous quality control procedures ensure product and service excellence.

Product Range

Beaphar’s pet care business began with vitamin- and homeopathic products for cats and dogs. Significant expansion came with the patenting of plastic, slow-release flea collar in the 1980s. Today, the Beaphar product range consists of more than 800 different products. This range consists of products for the treatment of fleas, worms and other parasites, Medicare products, functional treats, care & hygiene products and super-premium foods for small animals, birds and reptiles.


Beaphar factories are authorized to manufacture veterinary medicines and the quality control procedures are of the highest standards. The processes adhere to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure that we produce medicines of high quality only, safeguarding the health of the pets that receive them.

Exceptional Research and Development

New product development is the life-blood of Beaphar’s business. 42 People work in our Research and Development Department, continually improving existing Beaphar products and researching & developing new ones to improve or enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Continuous research and product development are the most important elements to maintain Beaphar’s leading position in the market. Leading the way in product development means continued success in the future. The research and development team at Beaphar is continually improving existing products and introducing new lines to enhance the lives of pets. A unique combination of nutritional expertise and pharmaceutical knowledge means Beaphar is able to improve the daily diet for pets, and solve many health problems without owners needing to go to the vet

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